At the Election General Assembly on the 12th of June, the new Executive Board was elected. The Executive Board 16-17 now consists of Joris van Schie (AUC) as Chair, Hannah Vreeburg (UCU) as Secretary, Jonathan Seib (UCR) as Treasurer, Aleksandra Blazeusz (UCM) as Social Committee Chair and Bas Kellerhuis (UCU) as Academic Committee Chair. Of course, along with receiving celebration roses the first picture of the new EB was taken.

The EB. From left to right, Bas Kellerhuis, Aleksandra Blazeusz, Joris van Schie, Hannah Vreeburg and Jonathan Seib

Social representatives

Also the Social and Academic Representatives of 16-17 were presented! For the academic year of 2016 – 2017, the eight Social Representatives are Aleksandra Blazeusz (UCM), Louis Parker (UCU), Faye Bovenlander (UCR), Heleen Vos (AUC), Marta Dawydzik (EUC), Roos van der Reijden (UCG), Faye Bovenlander (UCR), Rik den Hoedt (LUC) and Rob Verbeek (UCT).

(Part of) the SC. From left to right: Faye Bovenlander, Louis Parker, Heleen Vos, Aleksandra Blazeusz, Rob Verbeek and a member of Fortuna.

Academic representatives

For the academic year of 2016 – 2017, the eight Academic Representatives are Bas Kellerhuis (UCU), Fatiya Munkaila (AUC), Radu Cracan (EUC), Emma van Wezenbeek (UCG), Marieke van der Maden(UCM), Maxim van der Kaaij (UCR) and Frank Kwakkelaar (UCT). The Academic Representative for LUC has not yet been appointed.

(Part of) the AC. From left to right, Fatiya Munkaila, Maxim van der Kaaij, Bas Kellerhuis, Marieke van der Maden en Frank Kwakkelaar

The new EB is very excited to work with all of the representatives and UCs, and is looking forward to a fun and successful UCSRN year, filled with events and academic developments.