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Budget proposal 2016 – 2017

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The first draft of the budget proposal 2016 – 2017 is online. Visit the documents section to find the full proposal (and final approved budget). Do you have comments or questions? Let us know via!


A new reimbursement policy is proposed synchronous to the budget. This policy reduces the amount of travel costs reimbursed by imposing a limit of 50% of the NS Groepsretour for all students. Other amounts apply for board members, committee members, independent body members and delegates. The policy is a fairer way of distributing money without demotivating students to attend events. A formal proposal, to be voted upon at the General Assembly, has been made.

Caerus, Atlantis and EUCSA have requested a reduction of their membership fee. Instead of €2.500 they would pay €1.250. This is for the General Assembly to decide upon.
With the current draft budget, the UCSRN makes a profit. A fairer distribution of funds is made between the Academic Committee and the Social Committee. Both will have three projects/events this year. Other ways of income are aimed to be generated: from journal ads to sponsoring and subsidies.

The financial position of the UCSRN is healthy. With over €3.000 in reserves, and an expected profit of ca. €850, the UCSRN has plenty of funds. We recommend that no extra reserves are built up in the future. Either more could be spent or the contribution fee could be lowered.