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Utrecht University Masters Evening

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On Wednesday 1st of February 2017, the UCSRN collaborated with Utrecht University (UU) on their Masters Evening. We organised a special event for University College (UC) students from all over the Netherlands to come to UU and ask questions specific to University College students trying to get into a Masters program. Many questions that we see a lot were answered! What happens if I don’t meet the entry requirements on the website? How do I make sense of the entry requirements if I studied liberal arts and sciences? What are the honours opportunities at the masters level, what can I do to stay true to my liberal arts background? These questions and more came up, if you didn’t make it to the event, but would like more information, please see the presentation from the event, which we have attached here.

The UCSRN would like to thank everyone in attendance and thank the UU for collaborating with us on this cool event! The event was packed and people from all but one UC attended, we consider it a very successful event and will continue collaborating with the UU and other universities in the future!