Represent. Unite. support.

The UCSRN – University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands – is the national student representative body for University College students. Our members consist of 10 University Colleges across the Netherlands. The Executive Board is chosen by the representatives of all members and their main function is representing the students. The UCSRN is a platform for members to share knowledge, organise events together and discuss national matters. The UCSRN was founded in 2015.
We represent the interests of University College students across the Netherlands. We work with governmental organisations and external organisations at both national and international levels to lobby for Liberal Arts and Sciences Education and to vocalise topics of interests and concerns of University College students. We provide a platform and a strong network to bring University Colleges closer together through our committees as well as multiple inter-UC events throughout the year.

Our mission

UCSRN works to represent, unite, and support university college students.

We represent the interest of university college students on a national and European level, as well as lobby for greater and more widespread recognition of the merits of Liberal Arts and Sciences education.

We unite university college students across the Netherlands – bridging the gaps between institutions – to enable the creation of a nationwide network of ambitious, diverse, and broadly-educated students.

We support university college students by being a centralised platform aimed at sharing ideas and best practices, as well as providing financial support for inter-UC academic events, social events, and student initiatives.

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Structure of the UCSRN

The UCSRN complete structure consists of six different bodies: the Executive Board, the Academic Committee, the Social Committee, the Advisory Body, the Independent Body, and the General Assembly.

Executive board

The Executive Board consists of a Chair, Secretary and Social Committee Chair, Treasurer, Commissioner of External Affairs and Academic Committee Chair. This main organ of the UCSRN is involved in every aspect of the association and keeps it running. The EB oversees the activities of committees, the events organised in its name and represent all students on a national and international level. Learn more about the Executive Board

Social and academic committees

There are two committees, namely the Social and Academic Committee, that support the UCSRN organisation through being discussion platforms to exchange best practices, sponsor inter-UC events funded by the UCSRN and help the Executive Board make decisions throughout the academic year. The Social and Academic committees are composed of one association and student council representative respectively. These members are the bridge between University Colleges and the UCSRN. Learn more about the Social & Academic Committee.

General assembly

The General Assembly is the primary decision-making body of the UCSRN. The General Assembly consists of ca. 60 delegates (10 members x 6 delegates each, exceptions not noted). It is chaired by the Executive Board Chair. The agenda and documents of the GA are sent around at least 14 days in advance. Some documents may also be uploaded to this website. Only delegates may vote at a General Assembly, but all students may attend one.

Independent body

The Independent Body of the UCSRN ideally has at least 3 members. It strives for that every member-UC contributes at least one member to the Independent Body, this entails optimal structure in diplomacy. The Independent Body monitors the voting at the General Assemblies, monitor the upholding of the Statutes and the Policy Manual, performs an audit of the finances and acts as an appeal court to settle disputes within the UCSRN.

advisory body

The Advisory Body consists of both former Board members as well as others that can provide helpful advice to the current Executive Board based on their experiences with the UCSRN. The Advisory Body may not vote at a General Assembly, but may give advice at any moment.


UCSRN is the national student representative body representing over 4,500 students in the Netherlands. We strive to maintain a recognisable and consistent brand identity to establish familiarity, trust, and a professional image. Learn more by reading the Brand Guidelines below. The Media Kit – which includes all logo variations – is also available below.