Effective communication is key to accomplishments for any organization. It is of the utmost importance that contact with external and internal parties is established and maintained. As the UCSRN is a national organization with many partners and members spread out all over the Netherlands, this is particularly important. As secretary, many of your tasks will thus revolve around the concept of communication. You will be drafting emails, editing documents, replying to messages and maintaining social media.

Besides this, you are also in charge of the non-financial administration of the organization. You are the key to keeping everyone informed and making sure everyone can execute their tasks efficiently. This means that you will take minutes during meetings, check up on to-do’s, and always stay up to date on what is happening. Lastly, you will also be working closely with the chair as vice-chair, when drafting the agenda.

Interested to hear more about the responsibilities and tasks of the secretary or meet the people you will be working with? Schedule a coffee date with us!

Being on the board

If you want more information about the UCSRN in general, we recommend looking at the following pages: UCSRN structureour members and the full mission statement. You will work together with five other board members, who are spread around the country. Look at who you’ll be working with!

You will spend approximately 10-15 hours a week on the UCSRN, depending on your ambition. If Corona allows it, you will be travelling quite often to various parts of the country – you won’t always be sleeping at home! The experience is great: you’ll get to visit University Colleges and meet a number of people throughout the country, be it online or in person.

Do you have any questions? Hit us up at [email protected] or download our info sheet!

How to apply?

To declare your candidacy for the secretary position, you will need to submit your CV and a motivation statement, both no longer than one page (each). Send both documents to us (at [email protected]) before Friday, November 12th 2021, at 23:59. Candidates will be invited to join our General assembly on November 20th, where you are expected to give a 1 minute speech and answer questions. After this our members will decide and vote on the new secretary.