Chiara Poli


Chiara Poli is a third year italian student at the University College Twente. She is specializing in Business Development and Responsible Innovation, merging her passion for Technological Innovation, Business and Philosophy. As chair of the Executive Board, she is responsible for chairing and coordinating the Executive Board, as well as the organization as a whole. Her goal is to bolster the internal organization of the UCSRN, as well as improve communication and collaboration within all members. She’s looking forward to a fun and fruitful year, and the possibility to have in-person events again soon.

Karin Hendriks


Karin Hendriks is a second year student at Tilburg University College. She is majoring in social sciences, merging her passion for people with her studies. She is half Dutch and half Indonesian, having lived abroad for most of her childhood. As a secretary she aims to connect and help students and members to create a tight-knit community. Aiding this will be her tasks relating to internal communications. As a later addition to the team her goal is to aid the already created EB goals as well as to improve the elements of communication, collaboration and community for the coming year. She is looking forward to increasing visibility of the UCSRN and meeting everyone in-person when the situation allows.

Mahi Shah


Mahi Shah is the Treasurer of the USCRN, and a third-year science student at Amsterdam University College. As treasurer, she creates the annual budget, financial plan and manages all major and minor transactions of the UCSRN. After her experience as a treasurer for the last three years, she is ready to take on the challenge of maintaining finances from 10 member UCā€™s. She is also involved in seeing through the UCSRN EB goals, and handling the social media strategy of the organization for the time being.

Luuk Winters

External Affairs Officer

Luuk Winters is a second year student at University College Twente. He is focussing his studies on Aerospace Engineering and hopes to go on exchange to America next year. As the External Affairs Officer he travels around the country to meet with external partners and forge new partnerships. This year, he hopes to represent the students to the best of his abilities on a national and international scale. Furthermore, he works on making UC’s more visible for companies and master programs.

Susana Arias

Academic Committee Chair

Susana Arias is a third year student at University College Utrecht. She majors in law and politics and also studies Dutch law at the University of Utrecht. She is half Spanish, half Dutch and has lived in the Netherlands almost her whole life. As Chair of the Academic Committee her main goal will be to bring together all different UCs and to create a platform where representatives can share ways to further improve the liberal arts and science curriculum. Another objective she has for this year is to make the UCSRN more visible. She looks forward to having a fun year!

Pookhao Chinpongsuwan

Social Committee Chair

Pookhao is a second-year student from University College Twente. As the Social Committee Chair, he works with representatives of the 10 member UCs to coordinate social initiatives and core events. He is also in charge of actively engaging and fostering discussions in the Social Committee in order to transparently represent social interests of university college students and promote mutual trust and understanding. This year, he has been active in helping to start a number of Social Committee initiatives, now that in-person events are once again a possibility. Additionally, he is also involved in the rebranding efforts of the UCSRN, website restructuring, and other EB projects.