UCSRN Board 2019-2020

Mai Thai de Rijk | Chair

Mai Thai de Rijk is a half-Thai and half-Dutch third year student at University College Utrecht with a focus on Chinese Language and Culture, and Psychology with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. As the Chair of the UCSRN, Mai Thai aims to connect different board members as well as University Colleges on a more personal level as well as grow the UCSRN name to become more professionally recognised in both the Netherlands and in Europe. Aside from the board, Mai Thai enjoys working on videography, photography and her Gastronomy Committee at UCU.

Nia Alexieva | Secretary and Vice Chair

Nia is a Bulgarian first-year student in University College Utrecht with a focus on Media Studies with Earth and Environment and Economics. For this board year, Nia will be Secretary and will make sure that UCSRN dutifully reaches the set goals and upholds the professional image of the organization. In her free time, Nia pursues film photography and works on her other two committees in UCU.

Felipe Carvalho | Treasurer

Felipe studies Economics and the Environment as a second-year at Amsterdam University College. As UCSRN Treasurer, he hopes to increase exposure and understanding of the UCSRN (and in turn of University Colleges), while also making events bigger and better. In addition, he hopes to formalize an Inter-UC Football League. Raised in a Brazilian-Portuguese household, he enjoys both playing and watching football and volleyball in his free time.

Maxim Zewe  | External Affairs Officer

Maxim Zewe is a German and Dutch first-year student at University College Roosevelt with a focus on Mathematics, Physics, and Cognitive Science. Being responsible for External Relations, he aims at establishing cooperation of the UCSRN with other organisations to create more opportunities for Liberal Arts and Science students. In addition, enhancing the image of LAS education is an important goal for him.

Preksha Bepna | Chair of the Academic Committee

Preksha Bapna is a second year student at Amsterdam University College with a focus on biomedical sciences and international relations. She was born and raised in Thailand but is originally from India. Preksha is the Chair of the Academic Committee (AC). Besides her position in UCSRN, she is also involved in AIMUN, Diversity Commission, and AUC Ambassadors. As the Chair of the AC, she hopes to continue providing a strong platform for all UC students to share information and perspectives on relevant academic topics in discussion.

Mitchell van Dijk | Chair of the Social Committee

Mitchell is a 21 year old student at the University of Twente who likes to travel and plays the guitar. Within ATLAS (UCT), he pursues a career in Urban Planning and Water Management. The reason why he joined the UCSRN Executive Board is to get the smaller University Colleges more involved in the UCSRN. As Social Committee Chair, he aims to increase the amount of events hosted by the University Colleges that are “further away” and to improve the integration between the different University College students. Despite being in Prague for his studies during the first half of the year, he is very motivated and sure that the coming year will be a great lustrum year!

Previous Boards

UCSRN Board 2018-2019

Stephen McCarthy | Chair 2018 – 2019

Stephen is a third-year University College Maastricht student concentrating on Cognitive Sciences (Artificial Intelligence), Business, and Philosophy. After a year on the Social Committee and being Universalis External, he was elected to chair the Executive Board.

Mai Thai de Rijk | Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair Social Committee 2018 – 2019

Mai Thai is a second year student at University College Utrecht with a focus in Chinese Language and Culture, Psychology and, Business and Entrepreneurship. As secretary, she hopes to increase and improve UCSRN’s visibility, image and growth. As Chair of the Social Committee, she hopes to motivate different UC’s to be more present and facilitate a transparent platform for UC discussions.

Justin Smael | Treasurer 2018 – 2019

Justin Smael is a second year student focusing on combining AUC’s legal track with a minor in Computer Science. Throughout this academic year he will fulfil the responsibilities of Treasurer for your UCSRN. He hopes to maximise your  benefits by managing the budget, attracting sponsors or organising large events.

Victoria Mai | External Affairs Officer 2018 – 2019

Victoria is a German/Luxembourgish second year student at Amsterdam University College, pursuing Economics and Law. Besides her position on the UCSRN Executive Board, she is also involved in AUCMUN and AUC Ambassadors. In her free time, she likes to go horseback riding, play volleyball and travel.

Bart Knibbe | Chair Academic Committee 2018 – 2019

Bart Knibbe is a second-year student at Amsterdam University College, with a focus on (political) philosophy, public policy and governance. This year, in addition to being the External Communications Officer of the AUC Student Council, he will zealously chair the UCSRN Academic Committee.