• Newsletter November 2017

    Newsletter November 2017

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  • LAS Alumni Survey Fall 2017

    In the fall of 2017, the University Colleges Deans’ Network commissioned a joint alumni survey of graduates of the University Colleges as well as other Liberal Arts and Sciences programs in the Netherlands. This survey […]

  • Newsletter May 2017

    Newsletter May 2017

    Here you can read the newsletter of May! Click here.

  • UCM hosts conference on Capitalism & Democracy

    UCM hosts conference on Capitalism & Democracy

    Economics? What’s economics? The term is as omnipresent as it is contested, yet a variety of scholars employ a definition which sees Economics as a science studying human behaviour under conditions of scarce resources with […]

  • Exploratory student survey Spring 2017

    Important findings in this survey include the possibility to do additional research on the number of (first year) UC students that drop out, the amount of rent UC students pay compared to regional and national […]

  • Newsletter February 2017

    Newsletter February 2017

    Here you can read the newsletter of February!

  • Utrecht University Masters Evening

    Utrecht University Masters Evening

    On Wednesday 1st of February 2017, the UCSRN collaborated with Utrecht University (UU) on their Masters Evening. We organised a special event for University College (UC) students from all over the Netherlands to come to […]

  • AUC and UCU host Model United Nation conferences

    AUC and UCU host Model United Nation conferences

    Two of our members, AUC and UCU, are hosting Model United Nation conferences. We’re excited to see University College students engage in the practice of international law, politics and negotiation. UCUMUN UCUMUN is extremely excited […]

  • Newsletter January 2017

    Newsletter January 2017

    You can read the Newsletter of January here!

  • 1st February Utrecht Master's Event for UC students

    1st February Utrecht Master’s Event for UC students

    Make sure to make your way to Utrecht on the 1st of February if you are interested in pursuing your Masters in either Natural or Life sciences. The University of Utrecht will namely be hosting […]