Applications for the UCSRN Executive Board of 2019-2020 has now closed.

Below you will be able to find the motivation and CV of the running candidates for the UCSRN EB 2019 – 2020 during the running period.

NB: The Election GA will take place June 1st 13:00 at UCU.


Aemy Hooijer (University College Maastricht – Universalis) 

Mai Thai de Rijk (University College Utrecht – UCSA) 


Nia Alexieva (University College Utrecht – UCSA) 


Felipe Carvalho (Amsterdam University College – AUCSA)


Jeroen Smeulders (Amsterdam University College – AUCSA)

AC Chair

Preksha Bapna (Amsterdam University College – AUCSA)

SC Chair

Mitchell van Dijk  (University College Twente – ATLAS)