Our main events are organized by one of our members and smaller events can be proposed to both of our committees, who will then discuss it. We would love to have all our students involved, meaning you can also propose an event or apply for the budget to use it for something accessible to multiple UC’s! We got two funds accessible for student proposals, which are listed and explained below. Make your event an national reality with the UCSRN! The event or platform or whatever community idea you have has to be accessible for multiple UC’s. That is the only requirement, so apply now!

Via this form, you can apply for one of the funds. 


The Academic Committee fund is available for academic events like a MUN or an interesting lecture. To help you out, they wrote a small document about the procedure of applying and getting reviewed, read it here!


The Social Committee fund is tied to the Social Committee and focusses on social events, like a sports event or a drink.