Application procedure

Before applying to a position inside the UCSRN executive board, you can get in contact with any of the current board members to ask any questions or get more general insights into being part of the UCSRN. You can schedule a coffee date by clicking here. You can have an online coffee date, or if you and the board member are from the same UC, you might have an in person coffee date.

After you know for sure that you want to be in the Executive Board of the UCSRN, you have to write a motivation letter and send in a picture and your CV. You will send these documents to the UCSRN email and we will confirm your application. These will be uploaded to our website, so that our members know who is running and can prepare potential questions for during our election GA. These documents have to be provided in time, so members have enough time to read through them. After you have applied to a position, you are invited to the GA. Keep this date free!

Election procedure

After you have officially send your application and are thus a candidate running for one of the positions, you will have to get elected by our General Assembly. To give the members as much information about yourself and your plans, we will upload your motivation letter, picture and CV to the website, you will also be given the opportunity to give a little speech at the election GA. You will get about two minutes to pitch yourself and your idea’s, so make sure to prepare well. Next to that, members will be able to ask you questions. After every candidate has presented themselves, the members will vote per position on who to admit to the board.

What does your transition period look like?

After you are voted in by the GA, we ask you to stay for the remainder of the GA as well. This way, we can already meet as candidate board and current board for the first time. We will then inform you on the more concrete plans for the coming weeks. However, here is already a quick overview of what you can expect from your candidate board period.

Once you are officially candidate board, you will start your transition to become the Executive Board of the UCSRN. This means you will spend around 1-2 hours per week meeting with your predecessor and preparing yourself to become EB. You will learn about our organisation, our connections, our vision and the role of the EB.