The UCSRN represents over 4.500 University College and Liberal Arts & Science students throughout the Netherlands. However, we can not talk to 4.500 students regularly, therefore we talk to the board of the study associations, whom we consider our 10 members. The UCSRN supports events for University College students and represents its members’ interests towards external parties.

In the picture below you can see where each University College is located:


The UCSRN was (informally) founded in 2014 by various University College Student Associations across the Netherlands to foster cooperation between University Colleges. These five founding members were the AUCSA, UCSA (Utrecht), RASA (UCR), Fortuna (LUC) and Universalis (UCM). In 2015, prior to the formalization of the UCSRN, the EUCSA joined. After the formalization in 2015, Caerus (UCG) and Atlantis (UCTwente) joined. In 2017 Extra Muros (UCTilburg) joined. Later, in 2021 Nobis Cura Futuri (UCF) joined.


All members have a representative in the social and academic committee, who organize the events and discuss proposed events. Next to this, they have six votes in the General Assemblies, one for each board member. Every representative can bring up points during a GA and all of our members have equal power in our organization. To get in touch with your representative, contact the board of your student association. Similarly, get in touch with your student association if you want to get in touch with your General Assembly delegates. 

Reach out to your representatives if you want to be in a Whatsapp group chat for students who are willing to taking initiatives and organise inter-UC events!

student associations


Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA)


Roosevelt’s All Student Association (RASA)


Nobis Cura Futuri (NCF)


University College Student Association (UCSA)

Rotterdam (Erasmus)

Erasmus University College Study Association (EUCSA)


Extra Muros


University College Maastricht Study Association Fortuna (UCMSA Fortuna)


Study Association Atlantis (S.A. Atlantis)