The members of the Academic Committee aspire to…

[…] Use the platform to exchange best practices. We hope that by sharing our strengths, we can help UCs improve their weaknesses and as a result, strengthen one another and build a supportive community with all UC students in mind. 

[…] Be a medium of support for both incoming as well as outgoing UC students. One of the ways to do this would be to expand the UC Database extensively. The UC Database is one of the greatest contributions that the Academic Committee can provide to the UC community. The database is a document that contains crucial information about each UC. Examples of topics discussed in the document are curriculum structure, mental health support services, Master’s transition, etc. The database will be available to all members of the UCSRN and can be used for reference.

[…] Increase involvement of UCs that are relatively further away. We want to encourage UCs to contribute and participate by hosting events or promoting existing events in ways that promote collaboration especially involving UCs that are further away. 

[…] Evaluate budget proposals for academic events and provide support where necessary and justified. We hope to be able to fund as many academic events as financially feasible. We would also like to help organize inter-UC events such as moot courts, MUNs and career events as a way to also increase involvement of and between UCs.

If you have any questions for the academic committee contact us under [email protected] or contact your UCs’ Social Committee Representative.