As the uniting association for all University College students in the Netherlands, no words need to be spent on why the UCSRN is the ideal platform for discussion. In the past years, the emphasis of the committees was on organising events for students. In 2017, a change was started: the main purpose of the committees is to be a platform for discussion for topics that engage with the daily topics students deal with.

To students, the committees are platforms to which they can
express concerns or opinions that are relevant to more than
one college. For student initiatives, the committees are platforms
through which they can find similar student initiatives to collaborate with.
For study associations and academic councils, the committees serve as learning platforms to exchange best practices and knowledge. For external partners, the committees may be the perfect platform in which they can gather opinions of UC students. Finally, for the Executive Board, the committees are platforms through which they can gather policy input for lobbying.