Use the Academic Committee as a platform to exchange best practices

We hope that by sharing our strengths, we can help UC’s improve their weaknesses. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that new problems arise, for example, those relating to hybrid teaching, the Academic Committee can be used as a platform to communicate about ways to go about similar issues. As a result, we will strengthen each other and build a supportive community with all UC students in mind.

Ensure that all University Colleges have the equal opportunity to be involved in organising academic events

We want to encourage UCs to contribute and participate by hosting events or promoting existing events in ways that promote collaboration especially involving UCs that are relatively further away.

Evaluate budget proposals for academic events while ensuring that this budget is used fairly and to its fullest potential

We would like to be able to fund as many academic events as financially feasible. In doing so, we would like to distribute the budget fairly among different UCs. This will be done by having a ‘case by case’ approach.

Be a medium of support for incoming, current and outgoing students

Through the UC Database, a document that contains crucial information about each UC, we hope to support incoming, current and outgoing students. Examples of topics discussed in the document include curriculum structure, mental health support services, Master’s transition, etc. This database is available to all members of the UCSRN and can be used for reference.

Increase the visibility of the UCSRN by promoting the academic tools offered to students

As the academic committee offers tools that can help students, such as the availability of budget and the UC Database, it is important that students know about these resources. The members of the Academic Committee would like to increase the visibility of these academic tools by promoting them.