Gain more awareness for Liberal arts and sciences colleges

This goal stems from a thing that we started learning about when talking to students applying to their Masters programme. A surprising lot of programmes do not know what L&C stands for, and the standard it holds its students to. The students we talked to were sometimes rejected, or had to prove their educational level, even though their grades were excellent. 

We want to accomplish this by actively participating in organizations such as ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg), which enable us to voice the concerns of all of our members. We also want to do this on a European scale by hosting an event for ECOLAS. This event has as major goal to showcase the capabilities of UC students.

Increase visibility and presence of UCSRN among members

This goal stems from our personal experience, as after the pandemic events like the UCSRN tournament have seen an insane drop in participation, and too many UC students just do not know what UCSRN is. That is why we want to increase the visibility of UCSRN.

We want to accomplish this by doing several things. Firstly we want to intensify UCSRN promotion in the first weeks of the academic year, by communicating with all members and when necessary providing material. Secondly, we want to visit all boards, as to be able to meet more members, and become aware of their problems. Thirdly, we have set out a goal to double the social media following of UCSRN, as to measure our visibility. Lastly, we want to create clarity about the role of UCSRN for UC’s, by providing the necessary information, to current and future boards.

Increase the participation of all members

When we set out to write this document we realised that there are a lot of members who are members, but they do not participate all that actively. This is very unfortunate, as these members are not using the resources and network that UCSRN can provide them with. This is also unfortunate for the active members, as we noticed that few members carry the majority of the load for UCSRN activities.

To improve this we want to focus on improving our own communication to the boards, as we believe that involving everyone in the processes will enable more people to participate. We want to do this by visiting boards, but also by using less formal ways of communication to ensure our message comes across.

Connecting current and past students

This goal stems from our talks about our future, as when we talked we realised how little we actually know about all the possibilities a UC bachelors degree gives. This leaves a significant hole in our knowledge, and the knowledge of most UC students. That is why we want to reach out to past students to inform what they are up to, to find out what they did after they left, and to find out if they perhaps want to write or talk about what they do now. This would be a great addition to the network that UCSRN wants to provide its members with.