Keep in contact with existing external partners and find interesting new partnerships

My main goal as an External Affairs Officer is to maintain contact with partners, so that should be the focus of my year. Through meetings and helping where possible, I hope to maintain these relationships with the partners. For the projects we would like to set up, new partnerships can be looked for and established by me. I hope to find fitting partners to the projects we will be working on, giving us an opportunity to boost the project while establishing more partnerships.

Define the goals of the external committee and make it more present in the UCSRN

Last year the chair and treasurer started working on an external committee within the UCSRN. They organised a workshop about acquisition. They taught UC’s how to set up and maintain an acquisition committee. I would like to expand on this idea and make the committee more visible within the UCSRN. I would like at least two workshops this year, organised by a UC, teaching others about something they know a lot about. Furthermore, the UCSRN could sponsor workshop(s) given by an expert if it is deemed useful. For now, the workshops would mainly focus on the representatives.

Be more active on a European level

As a big organization of over 4,500 students, we should not only look inwards but also outside our country. We should look for partners and similar organizations abroad, with whom we could organize an event or share knowledge. Luckily, there is an organization in Europe doing just that, Ecolas. Focused on connecting UC’s throughout Europe, it is a great opportunity to connect abroad and set the UCSRN on the European map. Last year, there was also contact between the UCSRN and Ecolas, but this year I hope to have more contact and perhaps even co-organise an event.

Improve the UCSRN visibility and brand within our external partners

As our board has decided to rebrand the UCSRN, I will take it upon myself to rebrand the professional side of the UCSRN. I would like to focus on the media platforms that are the first point of contact for external partners, LinkedIn and the website. The website is due for an upgrade and some structural changes can be made. With the new guidelines of rebranding, the website can be updated to fit our social media and be ready for people to find us. The website is somewhat messy as in that not everything is easily findable, so I’ll work towards making it easier to guide through. LinkedIn has not been used much, but I hope to be more active and perhaps find interesting partnerships through the platform.