The members of the Social Committee aspire to…

[…] Connect the different University Colleges together and ensure equal participation and general satisfaction. Connecting the different University Colleges includes bringing the further away UC’s together. This will allow for all the UC’s to be included and most importantly feel included. For that is important to promote events at all the university colleges and to encourage smaller University Colleges to host core events and send in event proposals. Additionally, it includes continuing the buddy system that was created last year, which would help in building a bond between a couple of University Colleges and their students. Importantly this year we would like to focus on continuing previous bonds between UC’s and establish new ones in the hope for these to continue. Furthermore, it will be beneficial for UC students to ensure a possible majority of attendance of University College students for all the events promoted by the UCSRN with the purpose of connecting the University Colleges, its members, and students. 

[…] Redefine the function and tasks of the social committee to reach its full potential and possibilities.During our term in the social committee, we will be focusing on re-evaluating the priorities of the social committee itself, its tasks, function, and possibilities in order to determine the potential that the social committee has to reach its goals, connect the UC students and be a platform for exchange and discussion. This will be supported by the introduction of a shared calendar, which includes all the set events and academic activities of each UC which can be shared with the different UC’s and be used for more efficient collaboration between UC’s and the general organisation of events. An idea would be to look into how the decisions regarding event proposals can be optimised by creating a website where these can be submitted. 

[…] Foster the understanding and communication between the individual UC’s as well as the UCSRN as a whole. It is important for us to not only foster the connection between the UC’s but also between the UC’s and the UCSRN. which is due to the fact that the Social Committee acts as a bridge between both these bodies. Additionally, we aim to ensure that the individual UC’s and their members are aware of the goals of the UCSRN and the benefits. In order to ensure a good communication we aim to be as coherent and transparent as possible and keep everyone up-to-date. Discussing potential social struggles will allow the University Colleges and Social Committee Representatives to share their experiences with each other and bring these to the attention of the UCSRN. Hence we can work on possible solutions to improve our community together. Furthermore, this involves motivating the UC’s to be part of the UCSRN and creating a safe platform for discussion, ideas, and share upcoming social struggles for the social committee representatives. Timely feedback from the UC’s to the UCSRN and vice-versa will also facilitate collaboration and communication. Along with that, we aim to encourage students to learn more about other UC’s through traveling and attending more inter-UC events to create an active community interested in the UCSRN and its University College members

[…] Raise awareness and representation of the UCSRN and its UC’s through the possible means of the Social Committee. In order to allow the UCSRN Community grow, we aim to increase the involvement and motivation of the UC students and other UC’s to be part of the UCSRN. This can be ensured by increasing the promotion of the UCSRN at Individual UC’s. Boosting advertising could also be a means to raise engagement. A first step in the direction would be to work with social media platforms to advertise UCSRN events and Individual UC events and vice-versa. Additionally, initiatives between the UC’s are highly encouraged and supported.

If you have any questions for the social committee contact us under [email protected] or contact your UCs’ Social Committee Representative.