Raise awareness of its functions and the UCSRN’s amongst UC students

The inter-UC community develops and thrives on the enthusiasm and activism of UC students to be part of something bigger than their own UC. Each representative will be a bridge between the UCSRN and their respective UC. They will actively communicate about UCSRN, its events and its projects at their UC – for example, promoting core events on their social media or communicating opportunities to receive funding for inter-UC initiatives. Now that in-person events are a very real possibility again, the SoCo will play a much bigger role in coordinating different projects and initiatives. This extra exposure will help with awareness and brand recognition.

Establish and foster inter-UC connections

The committee hopes to bring to you exciting and diverse inter-UC events that will bring this community closer together. Furthermore, this year, we are encouraging smaller-scale and regional events which in the past struggled to get support from the UCSRN, under the mindset that smaller events are better than no events. The Social Committee will make sure that this is fair and fruitful in connecting UCs and does not create friction or discontentment.

Fairly and transparently represent UC students

The Social Committee will promote and emphasise that every UC has an equal opportunity to receive support and funding from the UCSRN for inter-UC initiatives, no matter a UC’s size or numbers. This whole process will be kept in check by the ten social committee representatives, ensuring fairness and transparency. The Social Committee will also act as a platform for discussing social interests and related topics from the perspectives of different UCs in order to promote mutual understanding, trust, and cooperation.