The quality of education is being threatened: there is less money available for university, classroom sizes are increased, there are less contact hours for students, facilities and study places disappear and smaller programmes are stopped. In this context, University College students are often seen as exceptional due to the small classroom sizes and the large amount of contact hours.

Key elements of the UC programmes are: (i) the holistic approach in admissions (wherein motivation and grades are considered to be equally important); (ii) the interdisciplinary elements of the education; (iii) the large amount of personal contact; (iv) the drive instilled in every student to continuously challenge established concepts; (v) the possibility to shape your own curriculum; (vi) looking ‘outside the classroom’; and (vii) being in contact with the community around you and the interactive style of teaching.

The UCSRN, together with the student councils at every UC, should aim to preserve these key elements of the UC programmes and should strive to continuously improve the quality of education.