Who is the social committee chair?

THe Social Committee Chair has the responsibility of leading the Social Committee (SC) and being the communication bridge between the committee and the Executive Board (EB). Day-to-day chairing of the SC includes structuring meetings, caring for members’ well-being, motivating members, and ensuring a fair and representative decision-making process, for example, the bidding of Spotlight and Tournament. Outside the SC, this position comes with plenty of room to take up personal initiatives. For example, Pookhao worked on the Rebranding project, helped with the PenPals project, migrated the legacy Google Workspace environment, and arranged friendly meet-ups with other member SA boards.

Are you the next SC chair?

Are you eager to develop your interpersonal skills such as communication and leadership? Do you want to expand your network and get to work closely with people from other UCs through the Netherlands, in the context of social activities? If so, then this position might be a good fit for you. Additionally, you should be self-motivated to work on personal initiatives.