The UCSRN complete structure consists of 6 different bodies: the Executive Board, the Academic Committee, the Social Committee, the Advisory Body, the Independent Body and the General Assembly.

Complete Organisation Structure

The Executive board

The Executive Board consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner of External Affairs, Academic Committee Chair and Social Committee Chair. For the academic year 2018 – 2019, these positions are respectively held by Stephen A. McCarthy, Mai Thai de Rijk, Justin Smael, Victoria Mai, Bart Knibbe and Juliette van den Brule.

From left to right: Milou van Nederveen, Evi Sifaki, Daniël van Hemert, Kirsten Kapteijns, and Mirre Stevens.


Social Committee

The Social Committee consists of nine Social Representatives from the member UCs of the UCSRN. For the year 2017 – 2018, the nine Social Representatives are Milou van Nederveen (chair), Marit Visserman (secretary), Louise Ten Bosch, Maaike Brookhuis, Stephen A. McCarthy, Flamur Hamidi, Ruben van den Akker, Shinozaki Claudia Yuki, and Domagoj Ivanusa.

From left to right, upper row: Louise Ten Bosch (AUCSA – AUC), Shinozaki Claudia Yuki (UCSA – UCU), Ruben van den Akker (RASA – UCR), Maaike Brookhuis (EUCSA – EUC), Milou van Nederveen (Atlantis – UCT), Marit Visserman (Caerus – UCG), and Flamur Hamidi (Fortuna). Lower row: Stephen A. McCarthy (Universalis – UCM), and Domagoj Ivanusa (Extra Muros – TUC).

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee consists of nine Academic Representatives from the member UCs of the UCSRN. For the academic year 2017 – 2018, the nine Academic Representatives are Mirre Stevens (chair), Freya Quist (secretary), Jelle Ages, Lennart Salek Nejad, Marjolein Becker, Xenia Una Mainelli, Daan Friese, the final representatives of LUC and TUC will be announced later.

From left to right: Xenia Una Mainelli (Atlantis – UCT), Jelle Ages (AUCSC – AUC), Maaike (Extra Muros – TUC), Nicholas (Fortuna – LUC), Daan Friese (EUCSA – EUC), Freya Quist (Caerus – UCG), Marjolein Becker (AAC – UCR), Mirre Stevens (ASC – UCU), and Lennart Salek Nejad (Universalis – UCM).

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the primary decision making body of the UCSRN. The General Assembly consists of ca. 54 delegates (9 members x 6 delegates each, exceptions not noted). It is chaired by the Executive Board chair. The agenda and documents of the GA are sent around at least 14 days in advance. Some documents may also be uploaded to this website. Only delegates may vote at a General Assembly, but all students may attend one.

Independent Body

The Independent Body of the UCSRN should have at least 3 members. It is strived for that every member-UC contributes at least one member to the Independent Body, this entails optimal structure in diplomacy. The Independent Body monitors the voting at the General Assemblies, monitor the upholding of the Statutes and the Policy Manual by the Executive Board, performs an audit of the finances and acts as an appeal court to settle disputes of and within the UCSRN. For the academic year 2017 – 2018, the Independent Body members consists of Amber te Winkel (chair), Charlotte Moss, and Koen van der Blij. Any student of a member-UC that is interested can apply by sending an email to

Advisory Body

The Advisory Body consists of both former Board members as well as others that can provide helpful advice to the current Executive Board based on their experiences with the UCSRN. The Advisory Body may not vote at a General Assembly, but may give advice at any moment. The current Advisory Body consists of Yannick Verkerk, Hannah Vreeburg, Rob Verbeek,
Jonathan Seib, Helene Koekkoek, Herman Lelieveldt, Lance Bosch, and Daniëlle Wagenaar.