Reimbursement is done based on these tables. 


Travel Cost for events (one way)Rate of Reimbursement
< € 17.50N/A (€3.5 reimbursement)
€ 17.50 – € 20.0020%
€ 20.01 – € 25.0025%
€ 25.00 or more30%

General assemblies

Travel Cost for GAs (one way)Rate of Reimbursement
< € 14.28N/A (€5 reimbursement)
€ 14.28 – € 15.0035%
€ 15.01 – € 20.0040%
€ 20.01 – € 25.0045%
€ 25.00 or more50%


It is assumed that traveling students are taking regular Dutch trains or buses, and this is what these numbers have been based on. It is also assumed that everyone that may potentially use this system uses the OV-chipkaart system of public transport.

Reimbursement is done according to one-way costs. The one-way cost for travel is then partially reimbursed by a certain percentage, depending on which range the one-way cost falls under. Anything under €17.50 for Events and €14.28 for GAs will be reimbursed as flat rates, so €3.50 for events and €5 for GAs.


The UCSRN will not be reimbursing anything under €3.50 for events one way and under €5 for GAs one way. 


There are two exceptions to this system: buses for the UCSRN tournament, and cars. Buses for the UCSRN Tournament will be reimbursed at flat rates of €3.50 per person. Car reimbursement is done using Google Maps. The most efficient one-way trip is calculated based on the start and end points of travel (by home UC to destination) and the total distance of travel (in km) is then multiplied by 19 cents (aka .19 euros). That number is then put into the ranges noted above for either Event or GA travel, split into the appropriate percentage, and that is the total reimbursement for that trip. The minimum amount of reimbursement applies for cars as well.